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The use of Paulownia puzzle

Author:Heze Qingfa Enterprises Co., Ltd. release time:2019-6-6 This article is read 103 Times

Usage overview     Paulownia puzzle because of all aspects of other puzzles have a great advantage in the country Paulownia puzzle is the main drawer and bed board timber, furniture production is mainly used for the production of drawers, Paulownia puzzle with its excellent characteristics are well-known domestic Furniture manufacturers for the production of drawers and bed board timber.     In addition, it is also widely used in furniture production, interior decoration, handicrafts, bed board, skirting board, wall panels, door panels, window countertops, Paulownia or a good production of musical instruments     Resistant to acid and alkali is its unique characteristics, so the masses are very particular about the coffin with Paulownia. Wear-resistant: Tong wood, although light, but not easy to wear, Tong wood do bellows, rod back and forth grinding, box plate is not easy to wear. Texture beautiful bright color: Tong wood has a bright silk, beautiful, delicate texture, natural patterns are particularly good. Strong tone: Paulownia is indispensable to make musical instruments, regardless of weather changes, can stabilize the sound, it is "Qin Tong," said. Such as dulcimer, pipa, Liuqin Qin Hu and so on, all to Tong for the board. Easy carving dyeing: Paulownia is not easy to split wood soft, easy processing, easy to carve, easy to dye. It can be used in construction beams, purlin, doors and windows, ceilings, tile panels and room partitions and so on. Because it also has impervious to smoke, moisture, not easy to insects, etc., in daily necessities, is the manufacture of high-end furniture and musical instruments ideal material. Paulownia furniture in Japan is selling high-grade goods, Paulownia coffin in South Korea is the finest funerary products. In the military and industrial areas, paulownia wood is lighter than ordinary wood, it is used for aviation models, precision instrument shell, passenger liner and bus liner, air and water transport crates and advanced paper and handicrafts and other special purposes. Recently, paulownia and aluminum alloy match again in pairs, used in aircraft and submarines. Export     Paulownia Paulownia and Paulownia sheet is one of China's major export commodities, exports amounting to more than 76 million US dollars, the main sales in Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. In China, Paulownia as a fast-growing economic trees, to change the face of backward areas also played an important role.

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