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Apple effect

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    Apple contains more potassium, can be combined with excess sodium in the body, so that excreted. When the body excessive intake of sodium, eat apples, is conducive to balance the body electrolyte. Apple contains phosphorus and iron and other elements, easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, a brain nourishing, Ning God sleep effect. Clinical use of proof, so that the spirit of oppression Apple aroma of patients, the mood greatly improved, the spirit relaxed and happy, depressed sense of disappearance. The experiment also proved that insomnia patients before going to sleep smell the smell of apple, can make people sleep faster and quieter. Wash with apple juice, each serving 100 ml, 3 times a day, continuous use, 15 days for a course of treatment, Apple has a lower cholesterol content.
    Reduce cholesterol: to maintain blood sugar stability, but also can effectively reduce cholesterol.
Anti-cancer: reduce the risk of lung cancer, prevent lead poisoning, procyanidins can prevent colon cancer blood
Tube cleaning agent: to improve the respiratory system and lung function, protect the lungs from pollution and smoke.
Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis: to help the body to discharge waste and reduce the harmful substances on the skin.
Maintain acid-base balance: Apple is alkaline food, eat apples can quickly and in vivo too much acidic substances (including sports (sports food) acid and fish, meat, eggs and other acidic foods in the body produce acidic metabolites) , Enhance physical and disease resistance.
Weight loss: Apple will increase satiety, eat before meals can reduce food intake, to achieve weight loss purposes.
    Apple is rich in a variety of trace elements and vitamins and other nutrients needed by the human body, is recognized as one of the highest nutritional level of health fruit. The apple seed is also known as the "life of the library", nutrition is more than 10 times the flesh. Apple seeds contain a large number of plant hormones, can effectively regulate the two-way human endocrine, promote cell microcirculation, improve cell activity. However, the apple seed contains the toxic substance cyanogen. Acid cyanide in the enzyme or under the action of enzymes can be hydrolyzed into highly toxic substances hydrocyanic acid (HCN). Every gram of apple seeds in the cyanogen glycoside converted into about hundreds of micrograms of hydrocyanic acid, almost no poisoning may cause, but in the daily consumption of apples, they should avoid eating fruit part.

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